Welcome to Lenovo Technical Support Drivers, Updates, How-To Guides, Technical Help and more Lenovo is replacing distrusted GeoTrust certificates with new DigiCert certificates. GeoTrust will not be trusted by major browsers as early as October.

Another solution is to use the following steps: 1. To download the latest driver and software go to the web site: support.lenovo.com. 2. Select Detect Product or View PC Support. Selecting View PC Support provides a Browse Product option. The Product Home page is …


 · Download Lenovo USB Driver (all versions) If your Device is not listed above, then Download the Lenovo USB Driver from the below link (works for all Lenovo devices): v1.0.09: Lenovo_USB_Driver_v1.0.09.zip. v1.0.10: Lenovo_USB_Driver_v1.0.10.zip. v1.0.11: Lenovo_USB_Driver_v1.0.11.zip. v1.0.12: Lenovo_USB_Driver_v1.0.12.zip

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 · You can install ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software through the set-up wizard.It is recommended to read the texts in set-up wizard during the installation process. To install ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software, do the following: Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the executable. Double-click the setup.msi file.

How to download Lenovo Vantage. Refer to the following steps to download and install Lenovo Vantage. Find Microsoft Store in the Start menu. Type Lenovo Vantage at the search bar in Microsoft Store. Click the Lenovo Vantage icon to access the application page. Then click Get and Launch to download Lenovo Vantage.